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hiii,  new  friend  !

i'm kayla (she/her), the smiley, quirky, always-giggling, slightly introverted

lady behind the lens of KLP + that extremely handsome red-headed man you see up there with me is bestie + my husband, derik (he/him). 

we are based out of pittsburgh pa. 

welcome to my creative little safe space. i am thrilled that you're here!

on the surface: 

my favorite foods are crab rangoon, pad thai, pizza, cheesesteaks + tacos. 

we are cat parents to two tabby kitties named juniper + oliver. 

our ideal sunday morning is heading to our local coffee shop (for an iced lavender latte with oat milk please!), dreaming up our next home-construction project together, tidying up around the house + then snuggling up on the couch with the kittens + watching seinfeld. 

we love to travel together and we make it a tradition to spend our anniversary on a vacation. our next big trip in progress is alaska, and i'm stoked!

i will be forever in my emo phase when it comes to music. 

now that you know a bit about who i am, i have to let you know that

i LOVE LOVE LOVE being your photographer.

that's why you stumbled into my corner of the internet, of course.

there is nothing more rewarding to me than to have the VIP backstage pass on your wedding day, eagerly telling your story through my lens. 

i've had a camera in my hand for nearly half of my life at this point and i have been professionally documenting wedding days for ten years.

i have the skillset you're looking for to photograph the moments you're experiencing as well as the ones happening on the sidelines you might not get to witness.

i am a person who pours every ounce of care & attention to my clients and their needs. you might wonder to yourself "but I just need someone to take nice photos for me!" - so listen here.

i bring way more to the table than just photography.

i pride myself in always being there for you whenever you need!

you're having trouble deciding what to wear for your engagement photos?

send me some photos of your options + we can decide together!

you're overwhelmed with trying to figure out who should be in family formal photos? i have an easy system to navigate those waters.

you're feeling hungry on the limo bus to your reception?

ask me about my camera bag snackies, i got you.

a bird had an accident on your dress at your aviary wedding?

you better believe i will scrub it off for you! (true story, lol)

i'll wipe that pesky little spot of lipstick off your tooth before anyone else has a chance to notice then i'll document your first dance married to the love of your life.

that being said, at the end of the day with kayla lynn photos, you aren't just hiring someone to take photos for you. you're choosing someone who truly cares for you while capturing these moments that don't get a redo. i do this to allow you to live in these moments and enjoy yourself without having to stress about the little things, whether it be at your engagement session or your wedding day.


i understand how important it is to have images that embody who you are.

i am here to serve you + document you as you are.

everybody's story is important and worthy to be documented beautifully + i would be more than honored to tell yours.

i want to take a moment to let you know that i am an

inclusive woman - owned business.

this is a safe & loving space for all

identities, genders, races, and human beings.

love is love

and YOU are more than welcome here, my dear. 



wedding day investment is customized per client and their individual photography needs. 

most of my wedding clients invest between $5000 and $7000+.

please inquire to chat about much more specific details!

i also offer family, engagements, boudoir, and lifestyle newborn/maternity sessions which begin at $600+.


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